Your amazing contributions have helped us to reach over $3,800,000 in the past 27 years for the Brockville General Hospital Palliative Care Program! 

The Organizing Committee wishes to thank all of our friends for your never-ending support over the past 27 years! Through your support, we have raised $177,350 in 2020 and over $3,800,000 overall for the Brockville General Hospital Palliative Care Program. Thank you!



27 Years of Friends Helping Friends!

"It is clear from the tremendous support that the palliative care program receives that the Brockville community values this ministry and responds with generosity."

Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent De Paul, Platinum Sponsors for 27 years
"We proudly continue to support as a Platinum sponsor and we have a great admiration for the enthusiasm of the countless volunteers who make this tournament such a success. It is a pleasure to contribute to the wonderful work of our Palliative Care Service."

David E. Beatty, Chairman, Canarm Ltd. Platinum sponsors for 27 years